Web Replay is a specialized browser capable of recording user sessions with complete fidelity. This page walks through our architecture, roadmap, and privacy policy.

Browser Architecture

Web Replay is the first browser that can record everything that happens on a web page, including all user/network interactions, all changes to the DOM and CSS, and all JS execution. Recordings can be saved to the cloud and replayed with complete fidelity: any bug can be traced back to its root cause with a powerful set of time traveling developer tools.

Web Replay leverages an efficient design and the computational power of the cloud to provide a great debugging experience, even on complex web sites like slack, gmail, and facebook.

Web Replay currently only runs on macOS. After release we will focus on Linux and Windows ports, both of which are underway. Several browser features are not supported yet.

Web Replay is built on top of Firefox. Its source is available on GitHub and we welcome your feedback and contributions!


Visit our development blog for updates and more details about how Web Replay works.

Our Roadmap

Web Replay is currently undergoing alpha testing. Please contact us if you’d like to help test. A public beta will be ready soon.

Privacy Policy

We respect your privacy, and minimize the use of your data. We do not analyze or process recordings in any way, except to replay them on your behalf. We collect and retain session logs and crash reports, which we analyze to fix bugs and improve performance.

Logs and crash reports are anonymized: they are not associated with the user who made them, and do not contain identifying information about the user or the page being visited. We do not share any data externally, and all communication with our servers is encrypted.